About Our Domminant


Our Dominant has been in the kink community for over 14 years. In his journey he has explored and mastered the application of countless fetishes and areas of exploration. 

What Type of Kinkster is he?

In his personal life our Dominant explored the kink community and BDSM as a Dominant for many years. After several experiences that opened his mind and heart, he embraced his more animalistic side and settled into the kink identity of a Primal. Professionally in coaching, teaching and mentoring he is a Dominant.  

How is he as a teacher?

Our Dominant has had the opportunity to experience thousands of hours of attending and instructing leadership training to include professionally mentoring and leading subordinates. He approaches all things with humility and gratitude for the opportunities that he has received in life and feels it is critical to pass on the things that he has learned.