Who are we?

The Wolfspirit Advisory Board represents the core areas of the LGBTQ, BDSM and kink communities  in providing recommendations to the Executive Director on the development of educational content, strategic planning, and growth of the organization. 


  1. Dominant Advisor
  2. Domme Advisor
  3. Female Submissive Advisor
  4. Male Submissive Advisor
  5. Switch Advisor
  6. Female Led Relationship Advisor
  7. Primal Advisor
  8. Rope Rigger Advisor
  9. The Next Generation (TNG) Advisor
  10. Diversity Advisor

Advisor Requirements

  1. The applicant must be well established in the kink community and provide two peer letters recommendations to validate them. 
  2. Volunteer for an uncompensated twelve to fifteen month term.